Lawrence B BarrazaLawrence B Barraza

Chief Executive Officer and President

Lawrence Barraza has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of SYMVIONICS since he co-founded the company in 1988. In this capacity he oversees the strategic planning, direction and operations of the company. Learn More ›

Richard A WeeksRichard A Weeks

Executive Vice President

Richard A. Weeks has contributed over 42 years of service to the Nation’s aerospace and defense industry. These contributions have been both technical and managerial. He co-founded SYMVIONICS with Lawrence B. Barraza, and SYMVIONICS has grown to be a Nationally-known provided of services and products to the Department of Defense and NASA, including high technology training systems/devices and innovative flight test software products. Mr. Weeks has served as the Executive Vice President for SYMVIONICS since its incorporation in 1988, where he is responsible for all marketing and business development efforts. Learn More ›

Walter KellyWalter Kelly

Chief Operations Officer

Walter Kelly is SYMVIONICS Chief Operations Officer and has served in that capacity for over eight years. Prior to that he was responsible for managing programs and business operations for SYMVIONICS in the areas of facility and infrastructure management and maintenance, as well advisory and assistance support to include instructional design, development and delivery of training worldwide; maintenance and management of policies and procedures; facility assessments and modernization recommendations; financial analysis and budget development; and much more. Learn More ›

Patrick MattinglyPatrick Mattingly

Vice President for Products

Patrick Mattingly serves as Vice President for Products at SYMVIONICS. In this capacity he oversees the SYMVIONICS Telemetry Systems division, with responsibility for the IADS® product including overall direction, business development and operations. Learn More ›

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