Richard A WeeksRichard A Weeks

Executive Vice President

Richard A. Weeks has contributed over 42 years of service to the Nation’s aerospace and defense industry. These contributions have been both technical and managerial. He co-founded SYMVIONICS with Lawrence Barraza, and SYMVIONICS has grown to be a Nationally-known provider of services and products to the Department of Defense and NASA, including high technology training systems/devices and innovative flight test software products. Mr. Weeks has served as the Executive Vice President for SYMVIONICS since its incorporation in 1988, where he is responsible for all marketing and business development efforts. Prior to SYMVIONICS, he was the president of SETACORP (a small consulting company). Earlier in his career, he was employed by Ball Aerospace for two (2) years and Northrop Grumman for over eleven (11) years.

Mr. Weeks’ technical experience includes developmental support to some of the world’s most technically advanced aircraft, such as the F-22 Air Dominance Fighter, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and the C-17 Airlifter. Other aircraft that he has supported includes: F/A-18, F-20, F-5E/F, YF-17, A-10, A-7, A-6, MH-130E/H, AC-130E/U, MH-53J, MH-60G, and numerous other classified aircraft. He was also involved in the development of the High Speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM) and the Walleye glide bomb data link.

Mr. Weeks’ technical experience is primarily divided into five (5) main disciplines: Real-time flight simulation, avionics systems engineering, training systems, ground-based laboratory development, and crew systems design. His management experience has been at the corporate executive management level, as well as at the program management and task leader levels.

Mr. Weeks holds a Masters of Science Degree in Engineering from UCLA (1984), a Masters of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from USC (1976), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from California State Polytechnic Pomona – Cal Poly (1974). He was the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year from Cal Poly in 2007.

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