PC virtual simulation that can adapt to all your I/O needs.

Virtual I/OVirtual I/O is a flexible and adaptable PC based simulation I/O solution that supports integration by providing virtual hardware and software interfaces. Virtual I/O provides virtual interfaces by acting as a virtual simulation host driving the cockpit without the simulation connected or as a virtual cockpit sending cockpit control signals and states to the simulation host without hardware in the loop. It provides invaluable functionality during the critical development and integration phases by allowing hardware and software engineers to work independently while still having full access to a working I/O system.

Virtual I/O Software & Hardware Development & testing

Virtual I/O is equipped with an interactive GUI that displays all I/O points in a tree type list and supports up to 6 user configurable plots to display raw or processed I/O data. Virtual I/O also provides the capability to override the value of any I/O point, import user written DLLs for custom processing, and an internal DORT system to perform daily readiness checks or to assist in troubleshooting. Virtual I/O is built on high-density, cost effective I/O configured with an easy to use Excel spreadsheet.

Virtual Input/Output Features

The features and supported hardware for the Virtual I/O integration tool are in the table below along with a list of hardware devices supported.

Virtual I/OVirtual I/O was successfully used for development, testing and integration on the following weapon
system programs. It is currently in active use on all of the programs except the F-16 Block 50.

  • USAF F-16 Block 50 (Edwards AFB)
  • USAF F-35A-C Variant (Edwards AFB)
  • USN T-45C (NAS Kingsville)
  • USN T-45C UMFO (NAS Pensacola)
  • USAF B-2 (Tinker AFB)

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