Flight Test Support

SYMVIONICS supports weapon system development, as well as flight test infrastructure and management, by providing software development, engineering services, and organizational support to the military test and evaluation community. SYMVIONICS provides engineers and technical professionals to the government to satisfy requirements for systems engineering and hardware/software development.

Flight Test SupportSYMVIONICS’ involvement in flight test support began in 1995, when we received the award of the Software Development Support Services (SDSS) contract. On this contract, we developed software, which supports systems integration, data acquisition and flight test at the Air Force Test Center (AFTC), Edwards AFB, CA. This contract involved all aspects of the software life cycle, including analysis, design, code, unit test, integration, formal evaluation and limited maintenance. This task order required and included the use of the most current methodological and state of the art practices in software development. These software products were then integrated with other new and existing legacy systems to provide the Air Force with enhanced flight test capabilities. Notable flight test support software products developed on the SDSS contract included:

  • Interactive Analysis and Display System (IADS)
  • Post Test Analysis System (APTAS)
  • Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM)
  • Test & Evaluation Modeling & Simulation (TEMS) Support (see more below)
  • F-16 (Chase Plane) Emergency Procedures Trainer
  • Electronic Warfare Simulation
  • TEMS/Ridley Mission Control Room Integration
  • Web-Based Electronic Library and Database (ELAD)
  • Technical Directorate Information Strategic Plan

Under different contract vehicles, SYMVIONICS support to the AFTC continues today…continuous and uninterrupted…including the Test & Evaluation Modeling & Simulation (TEMS) facility, where we provide on-site support to simulation facilities.

TEMS Support at AFTC

SYMVIONICS supports real-time man-in-the-loop and non-real-time constructive simulations to support weapon systems Test & Evaluation (T&E). The simulators are primarily used to reduce risk and increase confidence in flight testing, as well as envelope expansion, weapon deployment evaluations, parameter sensitivity studies, and test mission planning. SYMVIONICS is responsible for developing, re-hosting, testing & integrating, executing, and/or sustaining select software models and operating systems required to support the Manned Flight Simulators (MFS). Located at the Integration Facility for Avionic Systems Testing (IFAST) in the Avionics Test and Integration Complex (ATIC). SYMVIONICS integrates the models into the simulation system, then test the models, and verify and validate (V&V) that the models are continually ready to support F-35, F-22 and F-16 testing (and other platforms as necessary) – including the System Integration Labs (SIL’s).

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