SYMVIONICS Awarded Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Classroom Tech Refresh Subcontract

On October 5, 2018, SYMVIONICS was awarded subcontract from Bowhead Business & Technology Solutions, LLC (Bowhead) to support the CNATT VDI Classroom Tech Refresh. VDI is a virtualization technique enabling access to a virtualized desktop, which is hosted on the CNATT Wide Area Network (it refers to the software, hardware and other resources required for the virtualization of a standard desktop system). VDI is a shadow copy of the desktop including its Operating System (OS), installed applications and documents, which are stored and executed entirely from the hosting server. VDI operates by storing OS preferences, software applications, documents and other customized data on a server in the cloud (user experience is the same as on a physical desktop). VDI is primarily designed to provide global access to desktop systems, as well as providing disaster recovery and backup solutions.

SYMVIONICS is performing all non-recurring hardware design and software engineering activities, including all management racks, servers, content storage array network clusters, fiber trunk switches, uninterruptable power supplies, and classroom equipment. A total of 190 classrooms or “systems”, containing 2,626 seats are being developed.