SYMVIONICS SimLabs Team Recognized

The SYMVIONICS SimLabs Team was recognized at the 2015 Honor Awards and Presidential Rank Awards Ceremony held at NASA Ames Research Center in San Jose CA on Wednesday, 7 October 2015.  The NASA Group Achievement Award was presented and accepted by Bruce Felt on behalf of the Vertical Motion System Simulator (VMS) Mechanical Shop.  The SYMVIONICS Team was recognized for technical excellence in detecting, analyzing and repairing the VMS Lateral Pinion Bearing, preventing loss of experiments and further damage. The individuals recognized were Bruce Felt, Program Manager, Phil Jensen, Minh Wong, Pete Chaplin and Steve Fletcher (Retired).

Performing, the presentations were Dr. Tom Edwards, Deputy Director, NASA Ames and CAPT Scott Altman, who served as Shuttle commander twice  and as Shuttle command pilot twice.  The presentation ceremony was kicked off with a congratulatory video form NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden.  The Administrator is a retired Marine Major General and a NASA Astronaut.  He orbited four times aboard the space shuttle between 1986 and 1994 and was certainly familiar with the VMS and its significance to NASA supported programs.