NASA uses IADS® for flight testing

A NASA TV YouTube video shows IADS® being used in flight testing.  From this video, NASA made a training film of flight test maneuvers.  Pat Mattingly, Vice President for products, is quoted as saying “This is one of the best video’s showing how IADS® is really used.”

Video Courtesy of NASA – Not intended for Promotional Purpose

Published on Mar 24, 2016 – An integral part of NASA’s aeronautical research and one of the final phases of testing new technology is flight testing the concept or experiment. While much can be learned from computer modeling, simulations and wind tunnel testing, taking an experiment to flight is the only way to put experiments in the right condition to accurately and reliably gather data to confirm predictions. The following video is a demonstration of a series of flight test and maneuvers carried out at NASA’s Armstrong Flight research Center with the G-III aircraft as part of the Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge experiments. While some of the inputs to the joystick and other flight controls may seem odd or harsh, they are needed to determine how this aircraft reacts with an experimental flap installed. Data is collected and displayed synchronized to the flight maneuvers.